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Happy Tuesday! I have made some adjustments to my website! I am planning on revamping my about me page using the "grid" technique. I am also planning on writing about gas masks since I have been particularly interested in them lately. I have GP-5 gas mask and it is my favorite style of gas mask honestly. I think it is the most iconic and cute looking. When I wear it to the club or around the house it brings me so much joy! I love being a little masked weirdo! I also have a collection of regular masks as well. I will probably make a dedicated page for those as well. I wonder what it is about masks that fascinates me so much? Perhaps its the fact they can obscure your identity. I have never been someone with a lot of self-confidence, so having a mask on helps me feel less ostracized for my facial features. Maybe that makes sense or I am just rambling. Anyways, I hope the changes I have made to the website have been translating well over different browsers. I think the index page has grown a lot in the past week so I am just about done tinkering with it. Now just to fill my sidebars lol. Below I have provided a photo of the GP-5 Gas mask. I do not own the filter as those have asbestos in them! Very dangerous!


Good evening~ ! Friends are over for a matrix movie night! We are drinking and having fun! We found some cool websites that I may link in my Favsites page. Hopefully I'll get around to posting my poems soon. I think I only have one or two to post but they mean a lot to me. I am also thinking about doing a dream journal on here too. This weekend is memorial weekend so I get a whole 3 days to relax! pretty cool! Me and my friend are also putting out a kink magazine! I will post that here also! Anyways, have a safe and cool night! ~~ Mags


Happy Tuesday!!!! I have done some tinkering on my art page!!! Pretty please check it out???? I am very tired today. Not sure why. And a little stressed out? On days like this my only chance at decompression is a big styrofoam cup of cajun boiled peanuts, or eating the messiest dinner imaginable with my hands. I dont think enough people eat with their hands. It feels really good and I think everyone should eat with their hands at least once a week! To me its like a ritual. First I will prepare the food. In most cases its a carmelized onion burger (both buns are onions). I wash my hands up really good, and I grab MINIMUM 4 napkins. Things get messy. I will put a nice video on the screen (I reccommend slime videos or something stimulating.) And then I eat! Its really helpful to me. I'll get off my soapbox now! SHEESH! Anyways I will do some more updates tomorrow to my art area. Its coming along fine, I just dont really care to learn a whole bunch more about HTML right now. Once I feel less tired I will try to make things a bit nicer lol. See ya!!! - Mags


I hope everyone is having a wonderful amazing beautiful loving Monday! I have arrived home from my fancy office job and I am waiting on tickets to come in that I can complete. I have a lot of inspiration to continue updating the site. The art page is my next victim. I think I am going to try out some CSS hover mechanics for some graphics. I just have to get around to drawing them first! Last night me and Jade found a funny blinkie maker site and we made some funny blinkies. We also saved a lot of funny graphics. When she comes home we may even make her a page! and then I can make a shrine to her :3 anyways, I made some updates to the fav websites pages! I put a close friend on there who is working at learning HTML! here are some things on my computer right now so my entries dont look super boring.


Hello to those just finding my page! I hope you find something that interests you! I have a feeling I am going to be much more active now. Some of my IRL friends have decided to start using neocities! I am so excited that I have finally finished my degree and I also got a job in IT!! I didnt think I could do it but here I am!! I have noticed a huge change in my happiness and I hope things just keep getting better for me. Tomorrow I hope to get some of my art on here. I really enjoy multimedia art and hope to get some tutorials made. Today I discovered a cool technique to make hotglue look like guts! anyways! I am going to finish uploading my art into the proper folders! have an awesome night little wrigglers! maggy out ♡ hehehe


WOW~! It has been a crazy last 9 months! I am finishing up with my schooling and learning a lot! Hopefully I can be on here more to brush up on my HTML. I have completed a few really cool projects in the last month that I hope to upload here! First, I finally learned to solder which was cool. I gave circuit bending a try and had some success! I was able to do vocals for a few songs, and now I am working at my A+! It feels like so much is going on in my life right now and I will try a bit harder to keep this page updated.


HIII HELLO! its been a bit again, I should be on here more now that I finished my finals for one of my classes. Today I was recruited to build a website for one of my parents clients. I am a bit worried about it but I'm sure I can figure it out. They want something more professional so I am going to use wordpress. I have no knowlege of wordpress lmao! other than that I have been trying to have stronger legs so I do SO MANY squats every day. I will update you guys on my progress eventually. OH! I am also seeing 100 gecs this month with my partner! They are taking me out to a fancy vegan restaraunt before we go. We have gone to this place every year on our anniversary (5 years of putting up with me :p) maybe ill post pictures of the food like its instagram. ANYWAYS! HOPE EVERYONE HAS BEEN WELL STAY SAFE AND WIGGLY !!! -MAGGOTSOUP


I made a guestbook!!! If youre feeling chatty sign it and leave your email/discord! I am always looking for new friends :)


Hi guys! its been a bit since I have updated anything significant to my website. I have been extremely busy with all sorts of projects. I guess I will use this space as a update spot for my art as well. Nonetheless, I have been working on classwork and a new line of hyperrealistic art. I am just about done with one of my largest pieces I have ever attempted and I will be adding a tutorial for the process if anyone is interested. I should probably create a guestbook or a chat function. I dont think I have the coding skills for that so I'll outsource it to a different website. Ok thats all for now! I will update the other parts of my website soon! sorry for the janky-ness but I am attempting to code most of my HTML on my own!

I also made the crawling maggot gif on my own! I need to mess with the transparency because I messed it up! More cool custom gifs will be added soon.

This is my very first post made on 3/26/2023 :)

My name is Beetle/Maggot and I am not very good at HTML but I want to be. I am currently studying Cyber Security and I like making grotesque horror art. This website will be for all my fun things I make and do! I am attempting to leave social media for a more customizable platform to better express myself!! Welcome and E-mail me if youre feeling up to it!

An image of maggot wearing a gas mask, about to step on the camera with large black platform boots!

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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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